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City Lights is Pork Pie’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Pork Pie’s single “City Lights” emerges as an intriguing blend of catchy and intense retro rock vibes that seize the listener from the first note to the final second.

City Lights is Pork Pie’s Single Out Now

The band’s sound, characterized by a nostalgic aura, creates an irresistible sonic landscape that reflects the dedication and countless hours spent honing their craft in the rehearsal room.

The enviable alchemy achieved by Pork Pie is palpable, contributing to a solid and cohesive sound that is infectious.

The guitar work in “City Lights” is fantastic, resonating with echoes of ZZ Top vibes. The integration of the vocals mixed low into the overall sound enhances the song’s impact, making the voice an integral part of the collective musical journey.

The rhythmic backbone, held by the dynamic interplay of bass and drums, adds depth and structure to the composition.

The tight synchronization between these elements creates a shadow-like presence, ensuring the rhythmic foundation of the song remains robust and compelling.

For those seeking a memorable musical experience, Pork Pie’s “City Lights” is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to the playlist.

City Lights is Pork Pie’s Single Out Now!


Pork Pie is an Irish 4-piece contemporary alternative eclectic rock outfit, with strong elements of garage, funk, and psychedelia, playing almost exclusively original songs.

The four original members, Shane Brett (Drums), Michael Laverty (Bass), Michael Stafford (Vocals, lyrics, Piano, Guitar, and Alto  Sax), and Peter Laverty (Lead Guitar), have gigged extensively and played multiple festivals and leading music venues in Europe, including the Spirit Store in Ireland, The Paradiso in Amsterdam, Kapu (Culture Centre) Linz, and The Dublin Castle in London.

In October 2021, the band was sponsored by the Irish Government (Department of Arts & Culture) to play an exclusive online gig at the famous Great Northern Brewery in Ireland, which was released to rave reviews in the music press.

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