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Clave Surprise is Moto Perpetuo’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Moto Perpetuo’s single “Clave Surprise,” featured in the album Untitled, is a musical journey that transcends eras and dimensions.

Clave Surprise is Moto Perpetuo’s Single Out Now

To fully grasp the band’s musical universe, immersing oneself in the entire album is highly recommended.

The musicians exhibit incredible talent, musical knowledge, and technical prowess, making each song a masterpiece that transports listeners to new realms.

The album is a testament to Moto Perpetuo’s ability to seamlessly blend different genres, including Prog, Jazz, Rock, and Avant-garde, creating a harmonious and unique sound.

The intricate and inspiring melodies captivate, showcasing the band’s artistic depth. The guitar work, marked by impressive solos, is out of this world, demonstrating the exceptional skill of the band members.

The rhythmic section stands out for its cohesiveness and solidity, providing a strong foundation for the musical journey.

The addition of piano introduces a gently refined layer, serving as the icing on the cake and adding further richness to the overall composition.

“Clave Surprise” is a standout track that requires multiple listens to fully appreciate its intricate details and nuanced layers.

The song serves as a showcase for the individual skills of each band member, highlighting the collective excellence that Moto Perpetuo brings to their music.

Indeed, in this case, it seems that “Italians do it better”, showcasing a level of musical brilliance that is truly fantastic.

Clave Surprise is Moto Perpetuo’s Single Out Now!


We are an Italian fusion/prog/rock band and we have been together with the same line-up since 1996.
We love instrumental, “old-style” music and we have just released a new single named “Clave Surprise” which puts all of our influences together. Also, the full album, named Untitled, is available on all digital platforms.

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