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Coffin Dance A New Type Of Funeral Service In Ghana

A new fad has broken out on social media, that of the six young blacks dancing to the rhythm of house music with a coffin on their shoulders.

The video has gone viral in the last few days and has been edited in thousands of variations, from memes to Tik Tok, even sparking some controversy in some cases. The reason is obvious: the connection between death and fun has made many people turn up their noses.

But the real story behind the video of black people dancing with a coffin on their back is quite different and dates back as far as three years ago.

The video, in fact, was taken from a 2017 BBC report, entitled Ghana’s dancing pallbearers which documented how more and more people in the African country were willing to pay for this type of funeral service for their own deceased.

In the original video, of course, the young pallbearers do not dance to the rhythm of house music but move following the traditional songs performed by a band behind them and by the people around them.

As explained in the report, funerals in Ghana are considered a social event in all respects, for this reason, people choose to combine songs and music with choreography, to accompany the coffin of their loved one, as explained by an interviewed woman.

The idea comes from Benjamin Aidoo, one of the dancing pallbearers, who explained to the BBC how he decided to offer this extra service to his clients. An intuition that led him to become an entrepreneur who employs hundreds of people in Ghana (according to what he himself declared in 2017).

The music we are all used to hearing under the ballet video was actually added with a montage later by a YouTube user.

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