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Come To Light is MAL’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The album “Come To Light” by MAL is much more than just an album; it’s a captivating music experience that takes the listener on a fascinating introspective journey.

Come To Light is MAL’s Album Out Now

This work is an hour and fifteen minutes of music that will transport you far away, a meticulously crafted musical journey where highly energetic moments give way to artistic fluctuations that create an almost magical visual effect.

MAL’s music has the power to transform the surrounding space, making it blur and immersing the listener completely in their world. This ability to create such an immersive atmosphere is truly remarkable and is a strong point of the album.

The sonic atmosphere evoked by MAL calls to mind the vibes of “Blade Runner,” a captivating mix of somewhat chaotic and somewhat nostalgic elements, always intense and engaging.

Their music seems to transport the listener to a dystopian future where emotions and sensations blend into a compelling symphony.

“Come To Light” is an album with an overarching meaning, a concept that permeates each track and conveys a deep and engaging message.

MAL proves to be one of the few bands that place such emphasis on the importance of an album as a complete artistic experience.

Come To Light is MAL’s Album Out Now!


Come To Light is MAL’s Album Out Now

“Come To Light is what our emotions sound like during a time of much confusion, madness, and distrust in the world– it’s “all over the place”. As a band we have always played what we like and float through multiple genres within Rock/ Alternative and we floated across genres a bit more on this one.

This album of 15 new MAL songs is made up of two older unreleased songs we completed and 13 entirely new songs we wrote while everyone was locked in their homes. We locked ourselves in our studio and got to work. Our last two albums are seven songs in length (over 30 minutes), but we wanted to create a long escape with this record.

We broke up15 songs into 19 tracks on Come To Light, and used two of the longer songs to create interludes to pass between vibes and emotions of certain tracks to create a sonic journey. ” – MAL

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