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Commie Salami Mommie is Pagan Lust’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Pagan Lust’s latest album, “Commie Salami Mommie,” is a charming journey into a musical realm that effortlessly fuses the past and the present.

Commie Salami Mommie is Pagan Lust’s Album Out Now

The band’s ability to draw inspiration from bygone eras while maintaining a modern edge is fantastic.

One of the standout features of the album is the distinctive voice of the lead singer, whose interpretation leans towards a peculiar theatricality.

This vocal style adds something unique to the band’s sound, making them stand out in a crowd of contemporary artists.

Pagan Lust has evidently invested a significant amount of effort in crafting a sound that defies easy classification.

Their music can’t be neatly placed into a specific genre, as they’ve succeeded in creating their own musical limbo.

The album is a delightful mix of vintage and psychedelic vibes, seamlessly blending elements of prog, rock, and alternative into a cohesive sonic experience.

Each track on the album holds its own, contributing to the overall strength of “Commie Salami Mommie.” It’s a solid collection of songs that demands repeated listens to fully appreciate the nuances and depth embedded in the music. T

One particular track that stands out is “What Stirs Within.” This epic piece, with its contagious melody, has the power to make you want to sing along.

Pagan Lust is a great band with a unique vision, and “Commie Salami Mommie” shows their musical talent.

Commie Salami Mommie is Pagan Lust’s Album Out Now!


The Band:

Burn Moor — Vocals. Rick Brough — Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals. Mister HardCore — Lead Guitar, Songwriter. Byron Church — Drums, Flute, Vocals.

Two of our band members are from NYC, one from Oklahoma and one from New Hampshire. Somehow we all converged and met each other in the mountains of Grand County, Colorado where we formed Pagan Lust

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