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Compendium/Consortium is KLEN’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
KLEN’s “Compendium/Consortium” isn’t just a song; it’s a plunge into aural madness.

Compendium/Consortium is KLEN’s Single Out Now

This band is always here to surprise. Their sound defies easy categorization, existing in a realm somewhere between alternative, avant-garde, and pure, unadulterated punk.

The song is a chaotic symphony of wild vibes and a sinister undercurrent. It would be the perfect soundtrack, in my opinion, for a horror splatter scene, with its dark atmosphere and pulsating groove.

The vocals, drenched in reverb, take on an otherworldly quality, like an oracle suggesting cryptic warnings.

KLEN isn’t afraid to push boundaries. They’re here to innovate, not imitate, and “Compendium/Consortium” shows their unique vision.

The accompanying video is equally unconventional, channelling David Lynch with its focus on a single, unsettling image: hands shaking. It’s a brilliant idea and displays the visionary artistic approach of this band.

If you’re looking for something safe and familiar, look elsewhere.

“Compendium/Consortium” is a thrilling descent into sonic depravity, and it’s a sign that KLEN is a band to watch.

Compendium/Consortium is KLEN’s Single Out Now!


Compendium/Consortium is KLEN’s Single Out Now

The KLEN is an eclectic 4-piece with a drummer pummelling from a standing position.

New single ‘Compendium/Consortium’ is a real-time narrative of a satirical fantasy board meeting at a multinational conglomerate.

KLEN are cementing themselves as one of the most enthralling live acts on the circuit, having supported the likes of Snapped Ankles, Holiday Ghosts and Everything Everything.

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