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Confession Tapes 2 by FiveSidedDice is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
FiveSidedDice are back with a new Ep “Confession Tapes 2” and I want to share my thoughts about it.

These guys produced a great Ep.

I liked the variety of emotions that they managed to recreate with rhythmic and harmonic changes from one song to another while maintaining a common thread that makes this work very coherent.

These guys in some moments take us to Spain with fantastic classical guitar solos and then to Jamaica with rhythms that are closer to reggae and in other moments they intersperse the songs with rap rhymes.

But the common thread is rock that unites this diversity and all these influences in a single beautiful musical product.

I really enjoyed all the songs and I listened, with great pleasure from the first to the last second, to all the songs of this beautiful Ep.

Great job guys keep it up \m/

Confession Tapes 2 is FideSidedDice’s EP Out Now!

Mature and Refined!


Quote:” “Rest Your Head”, the opening track focuses on insomnia and its relationship with emotional fatigue and social alienation/isolation. It is a “me against the world” kind of rock track held together by chilled out nylon guitar parts and amplified by loud electric guitars in the chorus before diving back down into the melancholy of the verse.

“The Carved Names” is a jazz/soul song inspired by the song of a similar name by hardcore punk band “Rudimentary Peni”. It is written about the impermanence of everything and everyone around us; how nothing stays the same. It also touches on insecurities of feeling as though everyone around us will betray us or leave us at some point in our life. It uses rain washing down ex-lovers carved names on a tree as a depressive and metaphoric way of seeing how all that we have is temperamental, fragile, and mostly, impermanent.

“Ride With Me” is a song, previously released as a promotional single for Confession Tapes 2, about self growth, introspection, admitting to ones own flaws and evil. It is a song about wanting to change for the better, to improve as a person for the betterment of our own lives as well as all those around us. It touches on regret, grief, self loathing, mental health awareness, and personal development.

“Hold Me Up” is a song for hopeless romantics and the more neurodivergent adolescents and young adults in the world, especially small towns, who feel too inadequate for the person they have fallen in love with or wish to befriend. It is an acknowledgment of one’s own imperfection and flaws, realizing that the person they have fallen for may just be better off without them and their baggage.

“Thank You” is a very self explanatory track. It is a simple way of saying thank you to the people that are special in our lives, whether it be a partner, a friend, a family member, or even a small handful of dedicated fans. It is meant to extend gratitude, appreciation, and love to anyone that happens to hear it and sticks around for the ride that is “Confession Tapes 2″.”


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