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Cradle Of Ice is Abisso’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Abisso are back with a new hauntingly beautiful album, Cradle Of Ice… are you ready for this dark experience?

Cradle Of Ice is Abisso’s Album Out Now

The journey begins with Atrium which in Latin means the central room of a Roman house. Abisso open the doors of their world for us.

They take you by the hand and lead you into this universe of deep emotions. Those hidden secrets that no one wants to talk about. Those uncomfortable feelings, often difficult to accept, but that are still part of what make us who we are.

The ability to describe the unknown is the great talent of this duo.

The thing I like best is that Abisso takes their time, they are not in a hurry and they slowly lead you into the experience.

There are long pauses in their music that make you think. And as in the universe where the antimatter becomes what unites the things we can see, in their music these pauses create the atmosphere and support the melody.

Every single note supports a deep and global vision that hides a greater meaning.
The sounds are fantastic and I recommend everyone to listen to this album several times in order to appreciate all the nuances.

Cradle Of Ice is Abisso’s Album Out Now!


Cradle Of Ice is Abisso’s Album Out Now

One year after the release of “Son Of Abyss”, the bewitching Sardinian duo “Abisso”, composed by EryaV and D’avy, gives us a second emotional wave with the new album “Cradle Of Ice”, available on all digital platforms.

The work, instrumental and entirely self-produced, leads us back to that overwhelming sound and emotional experience that distinguishes these cryptic artists, capable of embracing the dark ambient reality in its most hidden “crevices” and weaving it to the cinematic one.

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