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Creatures of Nightmares is Xy Gala’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Xy Gala’s single “Creatures of Nightmares” is a masterful composition that beautifully captures the dark and twilight vibes, making it the ideal soundtrack for Halloween.

Creatures of Nightmares is Xy Gala’s Single Out Now

The artist’s compositional style is a standout feature of this piece, creating a haunting and enigmatic atmosphere that’s sure to resonate with fans of this genre.

The way the distorted guitars are subtly integrated into the mix to support the commanding vocals is fantastic. This balance results in a mysterious and intriguing soundscape that keeps the listener engaged throughout the track.

The chord progression in the song is well-crafted, adding depth and complexity to the music. The change of rhythm and melody around 1:46 is a particularly brilliant touch, providing an introspective moment that leads into a captivating guitar solo.

Xy Gala’s modern rock approach is not only captivating but also showcases a deep compositional talent. The track succeeds in immersing the listener in a world of darkness and intrigue, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate this style of music.

This music is the perfect addition to the Halloween playlist for those who enjoy dark and enigmatic vibes.

Creatures of Nightmares is Xy Gala’s Single Out Now!


Xy Gala is an artist from London. His music style encloses different influences from Hip-Hop to Metal. Xy’s passion for music is evident as he pours his heart into both lyrics and music. He began his career as a drummer and he progressed as solo artist.

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