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Crooks is Electric High’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Electric High’s single “Crooks” is an absolute powerhouse that commands your attention from start to finish. The word that comes to mind to describe it is “infectious.”

Crooks is Electric High’s Single Out Now

Right from the beginning, the song grabs you by the neck and makes you move to its rhythm.

The catchiness of Electric High’s music is unparalleled, and it’s impossible not to get caught up in the energy of the track.

In some passages, the song reminded me of the foot-stomping, hand-clapping anthem “We Will Rock You” by Queen in its ability to engage the audience and create an electric atmosphere.

As the song progresses, it unleashes the band’s trademark combination of refined and powerful musicality. The explosive moments are a testament to the band’s ability to deliver a high-energy performance with precision and flair.

The guitar solo is a standout moment in the song, providing a brief yet electrifying interlude that perfectly complements the overall composition. This solo, reminded me of the call and response found in “Victim of Love” by the Eagles.

“Crooks” is yet another fantastic offering from Electric High, showcasing their talent and musical prowess.

This band consistently delivers songs that are not only memorable but also leave a lasting impact.

Crooks is Electric High’s Single Out Now!


Crooks is Electric High’s Single Out Now

The story behind this song…

One late night in Vilnius, Lithuania, Electric High’s bass player, Einride Torvik, ended up in a fist fight with a Russian guy. When the dust settled, they made peace and took on a friendly tone. They decided to accompany each other for the rest of the evening.

All of a sudden, the Russian police comes in and arrests Einride, while his Russian friend manages to escape from the scene. Einride is put into custody, accused for being involved with Russian mafia, since it turns out the Russian guy had been under surveilance for having close relations to the mafia.

When Einride arrives in prison, he has to give up all his belongings, and notices that the key to his apartment is missing. He realizes that his Russian friend has stolen it. Einride is released once the misunderstanding is resolved the following day, and finds his apartment robbed of all his belongings.


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