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Crow’s Tears is Darvaza Wave’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Darvaza Wave unleashes a gothic anthem on their new single “Crow’s Tears,” a track that would surely resonate with the spirit of Eric Draven.

Crow’s Tears is Darvaza Wave’s Single Out Now

It’s a fantastic tribute that echoes the film’s iconic line, “It Can’t Rain All the Time.” But more than that, the song is a flame of hope in a sea of homogeny.

The musical universe is steeped in darkness, a perfect match for The Crow’s brooding atmosphere.

The band conjures a crepuscular world of shadows with their masterful use of instruments. The vocals, delivered with a ritualistic cadence, feel like an invocation – perhaps a desperate plea to bring back Brandon Lee, tragically lost during filming.

There’s an undeniable cult vibe to the song, mirroring the film’s enduring appeal.

Hints of John Carpenter’s compositional style peek through, particularly in the use of sinister synths that bathe the track in an 80s glow.

“Crow’s Tears” isn’t just a song; it’s a portal back to the world of The Crow, a perfect way to remember the movie and its fallen star.

This is a track for those who dwell in the shadows, a sonic offering to the night.

Crow’s Tears is Darvaza Wave’s Single Out Now!


Crow’s Tears is Darvaza Wave’s Single Out Now

Darvaza Wave is a dark-gothic rock band based in Italy, Denmark and Finland. Their sound is influenced by post-punk, new wave and electronic.

Formed in Northern Italy in 2015, Darvaza Wave have evolved leading to a production made of martial rhythms of drums and bass, merging keyboard, effected and powerful guitar and electronic elements. This creates a direct and energetic impact, but also a catchy and sometimes dreamy atmosphere. In the last years, their music has been strongly influenced by the culture and gothic tradition of Scandinavia, where two members of the band live.

Darvaza Wave have collaborated with the American distribution label Crunchpod for the release of their EP “Bastion Knights”, also including a version of the track “Bastion” remixed by the artist “Stranger Dreams & MNFCTR” from Los Angeles. Other remarkable collaborations were the ones with the Finnish model Lafueras Utopia for the cover and promo pictures of “Berlin’s Hope” and with the movie production companies “Envyda” and “Exformat” for the videoclip of “The World (of the Elder Things)”.
In 2023, Darvaza Wave were selected by Darkitalia to participate in the official tribute for the 40th anniversary of “Script of The Bridge” by the iconic band “The Chameleons”, performing a cover of “Pleasure and Pain”. Darvaza Wave won the Italian Arezzo Wave award as best band of their region in 2018, and were evaluated among the best 16 bands among 191 participants during the Euregiorock contest in 2022.

The last single, “Crow’s Tears”, is the band’s tribute for the 30th anniversary of the release of the cult-movie “The Crow”. The cover was realized by the Italian artist Mattia Martini (Chus).

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