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Cry Another Day is Under Delusion’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Under Delusion are back with a new great song. I was waiting for it and finally ‘Cry Another Day’ has dropped, here is my opinion about it.

I haven’t heard any new songs from this prolific band for a while and I have to say that I was missing the vibes that their music is able to create.

The hypnotic voice of the singer always has the ability to intrigue me, a hot and sexy voice that goes into the most hidden depths of your unconscious.

In their new single ‘Cry Another Day’ it is as if Annie Lennox had mixed with Type O Negative.

A dark and nostalgic melody that creates a twilight atmosphere and makes you feel in the middle of a pine forest when there is a full moon.

A wonderful ancestral call that you cannot help but follow. This band has the ability to awaken your wildest instincts by creating music that is always highly sought after and deep.

Cry Another Day is Under Delusion’s Single Out Now!



6th single of the band Under Delusion from their upcoming debut album.
As usual for this band, this song has a real story behind. It was the first song written by the band 2 years ago.

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