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Cut is 9 o’clock Nasty’s New Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed 9 o’clock Nasty in the past but they are out now with a new fantastic Ep and I want to share my opinion about it.

Are you ready to step back into the Blues Brothers era?

Their new EP “Cut” immediately made me think of those years when people were freer and more sincere.

The fast pace of these songs infected me and it was impossible to sit still while listening to these beautiful songs.
Irreverent melodies able to awake the rock spirit in me.

The music of 9 o’clock Nasty always has the ability to give me particular energy and is able to charge me like a dynamo.

I generally listen to their songs several times and I recommend you to do the same because for me their sound is like putting my fingers in the socket. At the end of the ep, I’m 100% charged and I am ready to take on another day in this difficult world.

Cut is 9 o’clock Nasty’s Ep Out Now!



Quote: “This is our last (of five) EPs. Dead Planet has an instantly memorable guitar hook with a commentary of self-destruction. Gravy Train ls lighter and angrier, with a throwaway rockabilly beat and a screeching chorus. THX1138 begins as a hard rocker, turns into an interesting rock-rap-snap and then unleashes a devastating-attack-chorus.”

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