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Dark is Edge Of Paradise’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Edge Of Paradise’s single “Dark,” featured on their album “Hologram,” is a charming musical experience that immediately draws you in with its alluring sound.

Dark is Edge Of Paradise’s Single Out Now

The voice of Margarita Monet is hypnotic, exuding a captivating blend of sensuality and epic grandeur that can be likened to the sirens that tempted Ulysses during his epic Odyssey.

Undoubtedly, Edge Of Paradise is a band of seasoned professionals who showcase their talent in this song.

The rhythm section is rock-solid, with a meticulously crafted dialogue between drums and bass that provides an intricate and sturdy backbone to the track.

The guitars are robust and epic, and the chord progression maintains a sense of intrigue, never falling into the trap of banality.

One of the standout aspects of “Dark” is the song’s dynamic structure, which keeps the listener engaged from the very beginning to the final note.

It showcases the band’s ability to craft a compelling narrative through their music, taking the listener on a journey filled with twists and turns.

Edge Of Paradise has already found success and their future looks incredibly bright.

Margarita’s captivating stage presence adds a magical aura to the overall musical project, enhancing the band’s live performances and making their music even more interesting.

“Dark” by Edge Of Paradise is an impressive single. The unique blend of sensuality and epic rock elements creates a mesmerizing sonic experience. Edge Of Paradise is a band on the rise and Dark is just one shining example of their talent and potential.

Dark is Edge Of Paradise’s Single Out Now!


Dark is Edge Of Paradise’s Single Out Now

Edge of Paradise founding members, vocalist/pianist Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates, have found their perfect crew, with drummer Jamie Moreno, rhythm guitarist David Ruiz and bassist Kenny Lockwood. With US, Europe and Japan tours under their belts, the band, transports fans to a new dimension of massive sound and visually stunning, futuristic show!

Edge of Paradise stormed the rock and metal scene in 2019, with their release UNIVERSE. With dynamic vocals, infectious choruses, thundering grooves and massive guitars, the epic sound of Edge of Paradise garnered them their own category “music from another world” from fans worldwide.

In 2021, Edge of Paradise brought their defining release to life, “The Unknown” Produced by legendary Howard Benson (Halestorm, Seether…) with Mike Plotnikoff, Neil Sanderson (Three Days Grace) and mixer Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Volbeat).

Now in 2023, Edge of Paradise highly anticipated new album, Hologram, with a heavier and monumental sound, takes you right into the face of danger and tells the story of pursuit, sacrifice and perseverance against all cosmic odds, uncovering the key to build a new reality.

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