Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 1 Presents Moat Cobra
DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 1 Presents Moat Cobra

Good Day Noir Family,
pure power that engulfs you like an avalanche. Turn up the volume and fuck the neighbors… this music should be lived like this… to the fullest.

DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 1 Presents Moat Cobra

You are engulfed in pure force like an avalanche.

Fuck the neighbors, crank up these tunes—this music is meant to be enjoyed wildly.

There are echoes of Motor Head and Pantera in Moat Cobra’s music, and what a performance.

I listened to these songs in apnea, the rhythm is so intense that it makes it difficult to breathe. Another outstanding choice from DCxPC… the label that makes underground music famous.

The bass and the drums expertly maintain the song’s rhythmic structure while the distorted guitars have an epic and ancient tone.

Live & Dead Vol. 1 by DCxPC You should own the album Moat Cobra.

Preorder the Ep here: https://dcxpclive.com/

Pure Power!

DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 1 Presents Moat Cobra

This is DCxPC Live’s newest format: Live & Dead! Instead of 100% live: Side A of the vinyl is live and Side B is dead (studio)! Only 200 of these were pressed on violet vinyl. Preorder for the 12″ vinyl starts 7/14, and the first single, “Devour (live)” will be available on all streaming services that day. All people who order the vinyl between 7/14 and 7/21 will be put in a raffle to win the band’s favorite live album: Botch 061502

Moat Cobra is one of Florida’s best metal bands mixing class metal, sludge, and hardcore punk into their own unique blend of swamp metal.

Preorder the Ep here: https://dcxpclive.com/

Find Moat Cobra Here:


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