Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 2 Necrotic Society's' Vinyl is Out Now
DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 2 Necrotic Society’s’ Vinyl is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Necrotic Society unleashes a sonic onslaught that hooks from the first play, drawing immediate parallels to the experimental fervor of Naked City.

DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 2 Necrotic Society’s’ Vinyl is Out Now

The band’s chaotic and wild chord progressions, particularly reminiscent of tracks like “Bonehead,” create an intense musical landscape that takes your breath away.

The rhythmic intensity is palpable, pressing against you like a relentless force of pure raw energy.

The lead singer’s voice emerges as a raw diamond, perfectly suited for the genre. It cuts through the music like a chainsaw, leaving a visceral impact akin to the sensation of the blade on the skin.

Necrotic Society invites you to discard your mask, seeking to expose and amplify your wild side through their music.

The band’s tight and precise performance is inspiring, showcasing their ability to navigate the intricacies of their sound with incredible speed and accuracy.

In certain tracks, Necrotic Society delves into a brutal chord progression reminiscent of Black Metal, adding an extra layer of depth to their sonic exploration.

This versatility within their sound highlights the band’s ability to navigate various musical territories.

Ultimately, Necrotic Society stands out as a fantastic discovery, brought to the forefront by DCxPC Live. Brace yourself for a wild ride with Necrotic Society – a band unafraid to push boundaries and redefine the very essence of their genre.

DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 2 Necrotic Society’s‘ Vinyl is Out Now!

Preorder the Album here: https://dcxpclive.com/


Feminist/Political HC Punk from NYC. Necrotic Society starts in the summer of 2016 when Alex moved to NYC from Italy and met JR through an add on craigslist. The duo started jamming for a little and made the base of what will be the sound of the band. Shortly Courtney and Javier completed the lineup, and in February of 2017 released their first DIY s/t 11 tracks album. Since then Necrotic Society played tons of shows and had the pleasure to share the stage with many many bands such as: FU’s, HR, No servium, Decibelious, Leeway, Urban Waste, Disassociate, Antidote NYHC, Killer of Sheep, Dr. Lecter, Crippled Fox, Broken Dead, None above all, Enziguri, Disreject and many many more…

Order the Album here: https://dcxpclive.com/

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