Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 3 Luxury Teeth's Vinyl is Out Now
DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 3 Luxury Teeth’s Vinyl is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
DCxPC strikes gold once again with Luxury Teeth, the latest addition to their stellar Live & Dead collection – available on vinyl, of course.

DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 3 Luxury Teeth’s Vinyl is Out Now

 This label has a knack for unearthing raw talent, and Luxury Teeth is no exception.

Hitting play is like getting a buzzsaw to the face. Everything about this band is sharp and in-your-face: the searing guitars, the singer’s sandpaper vocals, and a drummer who plays like a pickpocket on the subway.

But beneath the sonic revlution lies a band with a distinct identity.

Luxury Teeth doesn’t shy away from irreverence. Their songs are exactly what you crave from a good punk outfit. But here’s the kicker: they manage to craft catchy melodies that burrow into your brain and refuse to leave.

Attitude Problem” is a prime example, an instant punk anthem with hooks that won’t quit. I also loved their version of “Josie”.

The beauty of Live & Dead Vol. 3 lies in the mix of live and studio recordings. You get a taste of Luxury Teeth’s raw energy on stage, alongside the polished power of the studio.

It’s a window into their world, showcasing their ability to slay audiences both live and in your living room.

No matter the setting, one thing’s clear: Luxury Teeth bring the heat. DCxPC has unearthed a gem, and Live & Dead Vol. 3 is a must-have for any punk enthusiast.

DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 3 Luxury Teeth‘s Vinyl is Out Now!

Preorder the Album here: https://dcxpclive.com/


LUXURY TEETH began as a cathartic outlet when their vocalist, Dave started writing songs during the pandemic. When lockdown restrictions finally let up, a quintet was formed, quickly playing shows and recording numerous tracks. LUXURY TEETH is hardcore punk with hooks and style, with an urgency delivered in both music and lyrics.

DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 3 Luxury Teeth's Vinyl


Order the Album here: https://dcxpclive.com/

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