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DCxPC Live Presents Grave Return & The Hamiltons | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
the unstoppable label DCxPC Live entertains us today with a new great Ep titled Grave Return & The Hamiltons Live at the Danger Room.

DCxPC Live Presents Grave Return & The Hamiltons | Edgar Allan Poets

The vulgarity of this sound is absolutely contagious.

What more do you want? If you want to experience 20 minutes of pure energy, hit the play button and enjoy this Ep.

This sound is not afraid to hit you hard. You can only decide whether to join the battle or retire as a deserter.

I advise you not to ask yourself too many questions and to let yourself be carried away by this wonderful energy.

Grave Return have a very fast and intense sound and incredible musical chemistry between them … Punk in its pure essence.

The Hamiltons seem to have some blues and rock influence and their rhythmic cadence is varied and intricate.

The thing that unites these two bands is the energy and power of their music and above all the unleashed passion they emanate while performing their songs.

Absolutely recommended to everyone, thanks to DCxPC Live who works his ass off to present to the masses these fantastic bands.

DCxPC Live Vol. 6 Presents Grave Return & The Hamiltons Live at the Danger Room Ep.

Pure Energy!

DCxPC Live Presents Grave Return & The Hamiltons | Edgar Allan Poets

The Story of the 6th Release

Grave Return: I’d have to say it was four years ago at least the first time I saw GR. I had gone to Will’s Pub to catch 430 Steps at a locals only show. I walked out of that show with their album “We Have to Know”, and it was in my vinyl rotation for months. The band Mike and I are in, Call in Dead, soon played shows regularly with these dudes, and I just loved every time I saw them play. I must admit that I really dig their drums. It’s hardcore/punk but with soul that fills in the backbeat.

This livestream was no different. On one level it’s a live steam and not a show, so there were probably only 15 people there to watch them play (the four of us recording/running the show, the four in the other band, and a handful of friends that showed up to watch), so there wasn’t much of an audience, but on the other level, I’ve played plenty a show at a dive punk bar with even less people. Not to mention it was livestreamed by No Vacancy Media, so the viewing public was higher than the physical public. Regardless of how many people were in their face, GR brought it hard and delivered some bangers that we’re beyond stoked to release.

The Band: Matt: Vocals/Guitar, Sam: Guitar/Vocals, Jon: Bass, TJ: Drums

The Hamiltons: The first time I saw these dudes (Mike had seen them more than several times since he is a FL native) was at the Moat Cobra release show with Junior Bruce, 430 Steps and our band Call in Dead. They brought some kick ass dirty raunchy punk rock n’ roll. I loved it. Robert’s vocals remind me of a mixture of Lee Ving and Tesco Vee without sounding quite like either. His vocals are gruff and dirty while still having enough melody that you want to sing along.

We played another show with them at The Falcon with the Anti-Queens. This show was not only with Grave Return, but it was also the first show that DCxPC Live ever booked. So, when Robert saw that we were releasing albums and wanted in on it, we were down right away. I have a picture of Robert with some trail of blood running down his head. I’m not sure how he managed that at a livestream, but it epitomizes the amount of energy and effort they put forth on this amazing split.

The Band: Robert English: Lead Vox/Guitar, Matt Hugen: Drums/Vox, John Koroshetz: Bass/Vox, Mike Levin: Guitar/Vox

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