Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | DCxPC Live Vol. 12 Fortitude Live at Lou's' Vinyl is Out Now
DCxPC Live Vol. 12 Fortitude Live at Lou’s’ Vinyl is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
“DCxPC Live Vol. 12 Fortitude Live” is a potent cocktail of unbridled passion and sonic fireworks, a live album that captures the electrifying energy of Fortitude in their element.

DCxPC Live Vol. 12 Fortitude Live at Lou’s’ Vinyl is Out Now

Hailing from the visionary label DCxPC, this release breathes new life into a treasure trove of music that deserves to be heard by the masses.

Fortitude is a band that bleeds music. Their compositions are a whirlwind of blistering riffs, pummeling drums, and searing vocals, a sonic onslaught that’s as exhilarating as it is cathartic.

This is music for the mosh pit, for headbanging until your neck gives out, for screaming your lungs raw in unison with the band. It’s a relentless war of notes and words.

But beyond the technical prowess, what truly sets Fortitude apart is their unyielding passion. You can feel it in every note, every scream, every beat of the drum.

This isn’t music for the faint of heart; it’s a primal outpouring of the soul, a shared experience between band and audience.

The beauty of “DCxPC Live Vol. 12 Fortitude Live” is that it captures this energy in its purest form. You’re transported right into the heart of the concert, surrounded by the sweat, the mosh, and the shared euphoria of headbangers united.

This album is more than just a collection of live tracks; it’s a document of a band’s journey.

This album is a celebration of their perseverance, a love letter to their fans, and a middle finger to anyone who tries to tell them how to play their music.

This is the real deal, the unfiltered essence of punk rock played with passion, precision, and a whole lot of heart. Crank it up, let loose, and prepare to be blown away.

DCxPC Live Vol. 12 Fortitude Live at Lou’s‘ Vinyl is Out Now!

Preorder the Album here: https://dcxpclive.com/


Since 1997, this Florida legacy has been carving out their brand of Old Ethics Hardcore. A self-described moniker, that reflects on a time when punk music was dangerous, yet ambitious. A time that stands, even TODAY, trying to influence newer bands to approach hardcore with realistic goals of unity, inclusiveness, and understanding. 25 years ago, they wrote a song called “Old Ethics” encompassing ideas that bands prior tried to purvey: scene unity, racial harmony, and hardcore pride! Over the years through line-up changes, personal tragedies, and alarming health issues, they refuse to stop! THAT’S what “Old Ethics” means to them.

Never giving up, no matter what faces you. And even though they aren’t on some list of hardcore legends, we still believe in the music that has fed our minds for so many years. All the bands they’ve played with, tours they’ve done, songs they’ve made, and it still means the world to them. This live recording encompasses 25 years of demos and full lengths. Played in front of our friends, and some family at the infamous Uncle Lou’s in Orlando, FL where many spilled their hearts, souls and even blood. This is for all of you, friends, new and old. Their newest release is a live document, spanning a couple decades of classics.

Order the Album here: https://dcxpclive.com/

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