Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | DCxPC Live Vol. 18 Rebelmatic Live at Fuzz Fest WV's Vinyl is Out Now
DCxPC Live Vol. 18 Rebelmatic Live at Fuzz Fest WV’s Vinyl is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Forget lukewarm studio perfection – Rebelmatic’s “Live at Fuzz Fest WV”, presented by DCxPC Live & Shiny Dome Records, throws you headfirst into a mosh pit of pure, unadulterated rock energy.

DCxPC Live Vol. 18 Rebelmatic Live at Fuzz Fest WV’s Vinyl is Out Now

This is a sonic assault designed to send shivers down your spine and fire up your adrenaline.

The guitars scream, the vocals spit truth, and the rhythm section lays down a foundation that could crumble mountains. This isn’t background music; it’s an experience.

You can practically feel the sweat dripping from the stage and the electrifying energy coursing through the crowd.

But “Live at Fuzz Fest WV” isn’t just about raw power. There’s a raw passion there too. The band clearly thrives on connecting with the audience, and their between-song banter crackles with genuine camaraderie.

These guys aren’t just musicians; they’re storytellers, weaving emotions into their music and sharing them with unbridled enthusiasm.

You need to crank the volume and jump around like a possessed headbanger.

But the true strength of “Live at Fuzz Fest WV” lies not in individual tracks, but in the overall experience. It’s a snapshot of a band at their peak, feeding off the energy of the crowd and creating something truly special.

If you’re looking for a sterile, polished studio recording, look elsewhere. But if you crave the raw, electrifying energy of a live show, this album will have you begging for more.

DCxPC Live Vol. 18 Rebelmatic Live at Fuzz Fest WV‘s Vinyl is Out Now!

Preorder the Album here: https://dcxpclive.com/


Standing out as one of the most respected and nationally recognized Hardcore/Punk groups to emerge from the streets and stages and streets of New York in decades, Rebelmatic releases another vibey hard-rocking anthem that falls neatly in their growing list of tunes fans gleefully sing along with at shows. Few bands in the pantheon of Black Rock Gods can boast that they have been lauded by everyone from Bad Brains to David Byrne, and recorded with legends like Angelo Moore.

The boys from Brooklyn have accomplished this and much more. On the heels of their critically acclaimed 2020 album Ghost In The Shadows and 2022 release Mourning Dove, the new Live Album pushes things up a few notches pushing them further into the territory of iconic NYC rock bands.

The album is limited to 200 copies and will not be available for streaming–so no Spotify. It will only be offered on DCxPC Live’s website and on Rebelmatic’s Bandcamp Page. The price will be just $20 and will come with a chance to win V.M.L.ive Vol. 18 Naked Aggression Live 7″

DCxPC Live Vol. 18 Rebelmatic Live at Fuzz Fest WV's Vinyl is Out Now

Order the Album here: https://dcxpclive.com/

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