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December Songs is The Mars McClanes’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Mars McClanes offer a refreshing perspective with their single “December Songs,” revealing a different facet of this band

December Songs is The Mars McClanes’ Single Out Now

This cool ballad deviates from mainstream Christmas tunes, presenting a unique acoustic experience with a blend of wonderful arrangements and deep lyrics.

The acoustic guitar strumming provides a comforting backdrop, creating an inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for the band’s distinctive sound. The song’s arrangements are carefully crafted, adding layers of depth to the musical composition.

The band’s willingness to explore a different sonic landscape contributes to the authenticity of their artistic expression.

The lyrics of the song delve into profound themes, adding substance to the overall musical experience. The Mars McClanes use their platform to communicate a message, providing a thoughtful and reflective perspective that resonates with listeners.

The vocal interpretation by the singer is intense and delicate, adding emotional nuance to the performance.

The refined nature of the song makes it an ideal choice for moments when gentle snowflakes are falling outside the window, creating a serene backdrop for contemplation.

Their cool ballad provides a welcomed departure from traditional Christmas music, offering listeners a unique and thoughtful experience during the holiday season.

December Songs is The Mars McClanes’ Single Out Now!


If we’re honest…the Grinch had a valid point. Nothing can make us more conscious of our own misery than watching joy in others during the holidays. A state of seasonal bliss is like an exclusive nightclub, complete with a bouncer and velvet rope.

Waiting outside is tolerable—right up until the moment the fortunate ones get to skip the line. At that point, you’re more outside than ever. 

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