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Degrees of Freedom is Clash Valian’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Clash Valian, the artistic project of singer-songwriter Greg Merrell, throws open the musical rulebook with his ambitious new album, “Degrees of Freedom.”

Degrees of Freedom is Clash Valian’s Album Out Now

 This collection of songs is a sprawling sonic odyssey, a testament to Merrell’s refusal to be confined by genre limitations.

“Degrees of Freedom” isn’t about chasing radio play; it’s about raw emotional expression. Merrell lays his soul bare across the album’s 21 tracks, crafting a deeply personal journey that invites listeners to connect with his unfiltered vulnerability.

This commitment to artistic integrity is what makes “Degrees of Freedom” such a captivating listen.

A unifying thread runs through the album core, an ethereal, almost magical atmosphere. Merrell weaves a sense of futuristic nostalgia, a sound that exists in a space entirely its own.

Vocals take center stage, delivered with a theatrical flair that ranges from powerful screams to moments of angelic sweetness.

Imagine stumbling upon a dusty old radio late at night, frantically searching the dial until you land on a single, clear transmission from the future.

That’s the experience “Degrees of Freedom” evokes. It’s a hidden code waiting to be deciphered, a puzzle composed of alternative rock, garage grit, progressive flourishes, and surprising folk nuances.

These disparate elements co-exist in perfect harmony.

“Degrees of Freedom” is a challenging listen, but for those willing to take the plunge, it’s a richly rewarding experience. This album is a portal to a world of unbridled creativity and raw emotion.

Prepare to be surprised, challenged, and ultimately, deeply moved.

Degrees of Freedom is Clash Valian’s Album Out Now!


Degrees of Freedom is Clash Valian’s Album Out Now

Clash Valian is the brainchild of Greg Merrell, an amalgamation of contemporary compositions, ethereal soundscapes, and garage-forged rock songs. Clash Valian’s music has been exploring the ether driven auditory landscapes of the accessibly odd. From ethereal ballads to pulsating anthems, each composition showcases the project’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries and challenging conventional norms. With Degrees of Freedom, Merrell has created a body of work ranging from edgy rock to spacey ethereal pop to laid back lounge. The album features over 20+ different instruments on 21 songs that are all self-written and recorded by Merrell himself.

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