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Destiny Road (Remix) is Gary Dranow’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Gary Dranow’s remixed single “Destiny Road” proves that this artist is unstoppable, continually working to bring his music to the masses.

Destiny Road (Remix) is Gary Dranow’s New Single

The remix breathes new life into an already cool song, showcasing Dranow’s commitment to evolving his sound and keeping it fresh.

Klim Apalkov’s fantastic vocals add a new layer of intensity to the track, enhancing the emotional depth of “Destiny Road.” Apalkov’s voice becomes a powerful instrument in this remix, elevating the song to new heights.

The remix is just one of the many projects Gary Dranow has in store for 2024, demonstrating his relentless drive to push artistic boundaries.

Beyond this remix, Dranow showcases his versatility with an EDM project called Astralix, highlighting his willingness to experiment and explore new musical avenues.

“Destiny Road” is a song that ignites a sense of wanderlust, making listeners crave a road trip. The remix enhances this feeling, creating a fantastic blend of sonic elements that captivate the imagination.

The driving rhythm and dynamic changes in the remix contribute to its overall allure.

This remix is not just a musical reimagining but an invitation to embark on a sonic journey, proving that Gary Dranow is an artist who continues to captivate and surprise his audience.

Destiny Road (Remix) is Gary Dranow’s New Single!


Destiny Road (Remix) is Gary Dranow’s New Single

This is the remastered release of Gary Dranow’s title track for his Destiny Road Album. Klim Apalkov is remastering the entire album and he will also be the singer on all the remastered tracks. Expect to hear more than thirty new songs starting weekly in January 2024.

Gary Dranow and Chris Zoupa have started an EDM project named Astralix. Their first single, Lost and Found, will drop on December fourteenth, followed quickly by their new album’s title track, The Rhythm Fills My Soul, and then by Still Raining, all with an undeniable dance beat.

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