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Destroya is SIR-VERE’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
SIR-VERE’s latest single, “Destroya,” immediately captivates with its dynamic interplay between bass and drums, setting the stage for a musical journey that traverses diverse genres.

Destroya is SIR-VERE’s Single Out Now

The effects on the guitars add a layer of intrigue, leading into a hypnotic vocal line that keeps listeners engaged until the entrance of distorted guitars, reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix’s signature riff style.

“Destroya” shows the kaleidoscopic personality of SIR-VERE, seamlessly blending elements from various genres.

The track exudes the raw energy of rock, the irreverence of punk, and weaves in alternative and avant-garde vibes, creating a sound that defies easy categorization.

The catchy groove enhances the song’s accessibility, drawing listeners in with its infectious rhythm.

The lyrics contribute to the intensity of the track, offering a meaningful exploration of societal themes. The repetition of “I can’t breathe” resonates deeply, effectively conveying the anxiety and paranoia prevalent in the contemporary societal landscape.

Highly recommended for those seeking a thought-provoking and genre-defying musical journey.

Destroya is SIR-VERE’s Single Out Now!


Destroya is SIR-VERE’s Single Out Now

‘Destroya’ – is a snapshot of the alarm and paranoia of life under Covid lockdown, with nature wrath’s and society’s failures combining for maximum oppression, borrowing George Floyd’s tragic words “I can’t breathe” as a catch-all to simultaneously sum both up.  It’s a prime example of the new, ‘Lovescope’-era Sir-vere firing on all cylinders, congregating around a killer guitar riff that’s half AC/DC, half James Brown, where live beats and synthesized textures interact seamlessly and frontman Craig Hammond and singer Ian McEwan weave themselves around each other. 

It’s just one of many highlights from the ‘Lovescope’ album, due for a high-profile re-release on Worldsound/Virgin Music Group January 26th 2024 after a limited self-released run earlier in 2023 including Gatefold Vinyl. ‘Destroya’ is backed up by killer remixes by Rory Hoy , Vodzilla & Sonale.

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