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Devenu Deux is Jagas’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
French band Jagas weaves pure magic with their latest single, “Devenu Deux.”

Devenu Deux is Jagas’ Single Out Now

The song is a masterclass in simplicity, relying solely on the exquisite melody of the French language and the evocative tones of a beautifully played piano.

Yet, from these basic elements, Jagas crafts an experience that is intensely intimate and universally relatable.

The sweet melodies of the French lyrics perfectly blend with the piano’s delicate notes. It’s a love song, yes, but it transcends the typical cliches of the genre.

Jagas isn’t interested in grand gestures; instead, they capture the raw, emotional core of love through subtle nuances.

One of the song’s most striking elements is the pianist’s masterful touch. You can almost feel the vibrations of the hammers striking the strings.

Love, after all, is a force that can be felt on a deeply physical level, and Jagas captures that essence perfectly.

“Devenu Deux” is a song stripped bare of elaborate production, relying solely on the raw power of human emotion channeled through voice and piano.

The result is a deeply affecting experience that will stay with you long after the last note fades. Jagas reminds us that sometimes, the most profound emotions can be expressed with the simplest tools.

This is a song that celebrates pure passion, freedom of expression, and the raw vulnerability that lies at the heart of love.

Devenu Deux is Jagas’ Single Out Now!


The French band Jagas is sharing a tender love song (piano/voice) to encourage you to take care of your loved one and not take this love for granted.

Jagas follows the tradition of committed French-language rock/chanson with his energetic and powerful songs, far from cynicism and the prevailing resignation.

Furiously humanistic and gleefully militant, Jagas allows the passion of Mano Solo, the poetry of Jacques Brel and the generosity of Ogres de Barback to collide.

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