Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Devils and Angels is Good Time Locomotive's Single Out Now
Devils and Angels is Good Time Locomotive’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Good Time Locomotive, a musical entity in constant evolution, delivers another sonic gem with their single, “Devils and Angels.”

Devils and Angels is Good Time Locomotive’s Single Out Now

The band’s trajectory showcases a journey into the shadows, exploring dark spaces through their lyrics.

“Devils and Angels” becomes an anthem for those moments when decision-making becomes an enigma. Good Time Locomotive delves into the complexities of the human psyche, capturing the struggle between positive and negative voices that often cloud our judgment.

As the song unfolds, the melodic cadence becomes a reflection of the inner turmoil many face. The juxtaposition of uplifting melodies and the exploration of darker themes creates a dynamic and immersive experience.

Good Time Locomotive, true to their name, engineers a musical locomotion that carries the listener through a spectrum of emotions, ensuring the journey is both thrilling and comforting.

The essence of “Devils and Angels” lies in the recognition of the constant battle within ourselves. The band serves as a guide, reminding us to discern the loudest voice among the chaos—the voice of our guardian angels.

Complementing the musical experience, the accompanying video is fantastic. Professionally shot against beautiful locations, the visuals add depth to the narrative, enhancing the listener’s connection to the music.

Optimal acting breathes life into the lyrics, creating a harmonious marriage between sound and sight.

Once again, Good Time Locomotive proves that their artistry goes beyond the surface, leaving listeners with a catchy song that carries a message as deep as the ocean.

Devils and Angels is Good Time Locomotive’s Single Out Now!

Profound Exploration!

Devils and Angels is Good Time Locomotive’s Single Out Now

Devils and Angels is an emotional roller coaster ride all about how we all need a guardian angel to help us navigate through this life sometimes, and how it helpless you can feel trying to help someone who’s Devil is often louder than their Angel.

London based ‘Good Time Locomotive’ (GTL) formed via zoom over the pandemic with one aim; to write music and lyrics with an emotional punch and a positive message, to help people get back to having a good time in life!


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