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Disenchantment at a Distance is Paul Bibbins’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Paul Bibbins’ EP “Disenchantment at a Distance” is a musical gem that captivates listeners with its nostalgic and retro vibes.

Disenchantment at a Distance is Paul Bibbins’ Ep Out Now

In an age dominated by computer-produced beats, Bibbins’ work is a breath of fresh air, offering a genuine, raw, and passionate musical experience that’s often missing in modern music production.

One of the notable aspects of this EP is its authenticity. Bibbins’ music is a labor of love that showcases the dedication and effort put into crafting each song.

You can feel the heart and soul he’s poured into every note, and it’s evident that countless hours were spent sweating over the instruments to find just the right melodies and arrangements. This level of devotion to the craft is a rarity in today’s music scene.

The comparison to the legendary Jimi Hendrix is fitting, as Bibbins’ music carries the torch of classic rock with an undeniable authenticity.

“Disenchantment at a Distance” takes listeners on a wild ride through the realm of classic rock, evoking the spirit of legendary events like Woodstock. Listening to this EP with your eyes closed is like being transported back in time to that iconic era of music.

This Ep is a must-listen for anyone who longs for the spirit of classic rock to be rekindled in today’s musical landscape.

Disenchantment at a Distance is Paul Bibbins’ Ep Out Now!


Paul Bibbins is a guitarist/song writer and independent musician from Dallas, Texas. Paul is a solo artist, and he has been playing guitar and writing songs for decades. He plays high-energy, Jimi Hendrix-styled, original guitar rock ‘n roll.

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