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Do You Believe in Me? is Tally Koren’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Tally Koren’s full album gives you a complete musical experience.

Do You Believe in Me? is Tally Koren’s Album Out Now

Open your heart to this music and let this artist take you by the hand. Don’t ask yourself too many questions, just enjoy the moment.

The album opens with Keep Going, a song that invites you to never give up and that makes you immediately understand Tally Koren’s philosophy and approach to life.

A very determined artist, this solidity of character exudes in her songs. Since the title of the album is Do You Believe in Me? my answer is yes…I believe in you, Tally Koren.

Life is made up of ups and downs, loves and problems, and joyful moments. This album somehow manages to make you savor the whole spectrum of emotions that accompany our lives.

The production is as usual very professional and the performance is heartfelt by Tally Koren.

I suggest to everyone to listen to these songs several times in order to really understand the lyrics and to savor the refined musical arrangements.

A great job indeed.

Do You Believe in Me? is Tally Koren’s Album Out Now!


Tally Koren’s hugely anticipated 3rd album ‘Do You Believe In Me?’ is about a personal journey exploring the constant cycle we go through life, from winning to losing, ups and downs, a manual for self-belief, with transformative lyrics, when hope is the magic thread that keeps us moving.

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