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Don’t be a Fool is Andy Smythe’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Andy Smythe’s single “Don’t be a Fool,” part of his album “Poetry in Exile,” reflects societal divisions and the power of unity.

Don’t be a Fool is Andy Smythe’s Single Out Now

Having delved into Smythe’s music before, it’s evident that his latest album continues to deliver musical excellence. “Don’t be a Fool” stands out as a deep exploration of a profound theme.

The song’s rhythmic cadence mirrors the urgency of its message. Smythe’s lyrics delve into the manipulation by those in power, aiming to sow discord among us.

Yet, there is a light of hope emerges—a call to listen to one another and seek truth. It’s a timely reminder to cultivate critical thinking and resist the divisive rhetoric that surrounds us.

The melody of “Don’t be a Fool” carries a nostalgic quality, evoking a sense of reflection and introspection.

This nostalgic halo complements the song’s thematic depth, capturing its essence with precision. Smythe’s interpretation of the piece further elevates its impact, infusing it with a palpable spark of hope.

Ultimately, “Don’t be a Fool” embodies Smythe’s commitment to using music as a tool for enlightenment and change. It not only opens our eyes to the challenges we face but also offers a pathway towards a brighter future.

Don’t be a Fool is Andy Smythe’s Single Out Now!


‘Don’t be a Fool’ is a song about reflecting on all of the people that have become isolated in power and leadership from across history from Caesar to Boris! The key is to always listen to others and gain consensus in decision making or the ending might be unpleasant, that’s the reflection that the song’s trying to capture.

Andy Smythe is a British singer/songwriter who has been active on the London folk scene since the ‘90s. London, however, isn’t Smythe’s hometown; he is originally from Shropshire, England. But London is where Smythe developed a small but enthusiastic following. Known for his reflective, contemplative lyrics, Smythe has a variety of influences — some British, some American, some neither British nor American. In the British media, Smythe has often been compared to the late Nick Drake, and other valid comparisons have included DonovanTim Buckley, and Van Morrison (who is neither British nor American but rather, Irish). Smythe has cited Bob Dylan as an inspiration, and in fact, there are echoes of the seminal Dylan in some of Smythe’s lyrics (although Dylan has a rougher, harder, grittier vocal style, while Smythe’s expressive singing tends to be on the gentle side). At times, Smythe incorporates Celtic elements, which explains why he has enjoyed some favorable coverage in the Irish media.


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