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Don’t Cry is Baaj & Baaj’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Baaj & Baaj’s single “Don’t Cry” showcases an artist with an interesting and engaging compositional style.

Don’t Cry is Baaj & Baaj’s Single Out Now

Drawing inspiration from the 80s while infusing it with a modern twist, Baaj & Baaj offers a fresh and exciting musical experience.

His music has a refined quality that evokes nostalgic vibes, allowing listeners to bask in the charm of a bygone era while embracing a contemporary twist.

The arrangement of the keys and the irresistible groove in the song create an atmosphere that beckons you to the dance floor, inviting you to move to the rhythm.

Baaj & Baaj’s passionate vocal delivery and heartfelt interpretation of the lyrics add depth and emotion to the song.

The combination of his vocals and the meticulously crafted music elevates “Don’t Cry” to a level of musical artistry that is enjoyable and touching.

It’s a song that encourages a desire to dance, making it an enjoyable addition to contemporary music.

Don’t Cry is Baaj & Baaj’s Single Out Now!


BAAJ & BAAJ is a musician, a singer-songwriter and often more. Creations and covers mix modern beats and new wave music, where sweetness is dancing with deep reflections concerning our brutal and ephemeral world.

Don’t Cry (Radio edit) is an uplifting, danceable song that reminds us nothing is ever truly lost. It aims to rekindle the desire to fight seemingly lost causes every time the song is played.

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