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Don’t Look Back is Bearbonez’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
There’s something undeniably modern about Bearbonez’s sound, yet a distinct echo of the 80s synth-pop movement pulsates beneath the surface.

Don’t Look Back is Bearbonez’s Single Out Now

This intriguing blend is on full display in “Don’t Look Back,” the new single from the project’s mastermind, Kyle Hilmoe.

The first thing that grabs you is the smoky, baritone vocal. Hilmoe’s voice is a rich instrument, capable of delivering a smooth intimacy.

“Don’t Look Back” builds with a subtle intensity, and Hilmoe reaches for higher notes, showcasing a surprising vocal range.

The production here is sharp. The synths shimmer with a distinctly 80s flair, but avoid sounding dated.

The thoughtfully crafted chord progression is a constant hook, pulling you deeper into the song with each measure.

“Don’t Look Back” shows how Hilmoe is willing to breathe new life into classic influences. This is a sexy track that will leave you wanting more. Highly recommended.

Don’t Look Back is Bearbonez’s Single Out Now!


Bearbonez was formed in 2015 when Kyle transitioned from playing drums in San Francisco bands to focusing on the guitar. Since then, he has released several EPs and an album titled “Floodlights.” His discography showcases a wide range of genres, from the heavy rock of his debut release to the synth rock of his 2020 EP, “Display of Love.”

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