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Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed is STELL’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
STELL jolts listeners awake with his electrifying single, “Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed.”

Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed is STELL’s Single Out Now

The opening guitar riff sets the tone, a repetitive cadence that builds tension with each strum.

It’s a musical representation of that internal battle between comfort and responsibility, and it explodes magnificently into the chorus.

The chorus itself is an avalanche of raw energy. The production here is stripped down and instinctive, with a clear nod to the unpolished spirit of grunge.

The focus is on sharp, high frequencies that perfectly capture the frantic energy of hitting snooze one too many times.

But “Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed” isn’t just about unbridled chaos. STELL demonstrates a keen understanding of dynamics.

The carefully crafted chord progressions and well-placed shifts in intensity keep the listener engaged throughout.

From the opening riff to the final fade-out, “Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed” is a captivating listen. It’s a song that anyone who’s ever fallen victim to the allure of the snooze button can relate to.

STELL’s raw energy and smart songwriting make this a track that will stay stuck in your head – even if it makes you a little late for work.

Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed is STELL’s Single Out Now!


STELL’s debut release ‘Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed’ is a knowing ode to the indolent and the idle with a sense of sly wit on full display amongst a deliriously caffeinated choir of backing vocals and guitar riffs set to hyper drive.

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