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Dream Kit Is DAAY New Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
another song by Daay “Dream KitI always like the artistry of this band so I want to share my thoughts about this new single.

I appreciate the creativity of this band that offers a unique sound. In this new single Dream Kit these guys go further by offering avant garde sounds.

A song that finds its strength in instability, a chord progression that leaves few points of reference for me that in its chaoticness encloses an incredible harmonic balance.

A sound journey that makes you visit different landscapes and atmospheres but which always maintains a common thread that never makes you feel lost.

A truly enviable compositional and creative ability that never disappoints.

Dream Kit is Daay’s Single Out Now!



Quote: “This song is about needing a dream ‘kit’ to navigate your weirdest night time musings. The ‘kit’ is an attitude towards decoding your dreams in the hope you can emerge with a better understanding of yourself.

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