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Drifting is Antisolar’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Antisolar are back with a new cool single, are you ready for this experience?

The epic and refined style proposed by this duo is confirmed also in their new single Drifting.

This time the harmonic construction and the vocal line, especially in the chorus, reminded me of bands like Incubus.

A sincere and articulate rock that demonstrates great creative abilities and above all the developed artistic taste of Antisolar.

I was very surprised by the bridge, a sudden change of atmosphere that took me to an ethereal universe.

These changes are generally very difficult to incorporate into the construction of a song but these guys managed to do it consistently and without interrupting the overall meaning of this beautiful song.

10 out of 10 without any doubts.

Drifting is Antisolar’s Single Out Now!

Intricate and Mature!


Have you ever known someone so inextricably bound to a destructive path that they appear blissfully unaware of how much they’re hurting the people trying to pull them back? Franco-American duo Antisolar (Paris-based Olivier Raynal and L.A.-based Andrew Doolittle) explore this topic in “Drifting”, an intense rock song about Andrew’s best friend’s descent into meth addiction. The song is written from the perspective of his best friend’s wife, who persistently tried to rescue the relationship even as the chasm between them became insurmountable.

Olivier’s initial sketch for the song included the phrase “I don’t know what you want, and I don’t know what you need from me”, which came to represent the wife’s attempts to break through her husband’s addiction-filed hubris and re-establish connection for his sake, her sake, and for the sake of their young kids. The bridge of the song includes a portion of the Icarus myth, which was also alluded to in Rush’s “Bravado”, a song Andrew and his best friend frequently played together during high school. Ultimately “Drifting” tackles a difficult topic through the eyes of a devoted spouse who tries to rescue her partner despite the pain she’s enduring herself.

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