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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Drop Top Alibi

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Drop Top Alibi. I discovered this Band while shuffling songs on Spotify and loved their powerful sound.

The epic rough sound of this band gave me goosebumps. It’s nice to find musical projects with such a free and sincere compositional style.

Drop Top Alibi offer a sound that has obvious influences from the past but that manages to be modern at the same time. Their music in general recalls the 90s even if the melodic lines go even further back in time while the sounds selection is innovative and convincing.

It feels like these guys have spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room to achieve such an enviable sound understanding. We are certainly dealing with great musicians who produce quality music.

This is the sound that I like and I haven’t found any flaws in terms of composition, production, and interpretation.

Drop Top Alibi are a band to follow carefully as these guys have all the credentials to do great things.

Dylsong is Drop Top Alibi’s Single Out Now!

Solid and Epic!


Toronto, Canada-based hard-rock band, Drop Top Alibi, is best known for their powerful vocal melodies, untamed guitar riffs, and heavy rhythms. Formed in June 2016 by Brandon Gregory and Dylan Wykes, DTA quickly became one of the most high-energy and enthralling rock acts in the city and surrounding area.

After recording their debut self-titled EP, Gregory and Wykes were able to solidify their lineup with the addition of Luc Ricci and Jeff Cox. Drawing from a wide range of influences, the band is able to effortlessly flip between ground shaking, riff anthems such as “Burn” and “So Forgiving” to slick, melodic trips through “Summer Nights” and “Take it All in Stride”; encapsulating listeners in energy that creates their unique sound.

Forced to postpone their 2020 Canadian Tour, DTA has been hard at work writing and experimenting with new ideas. Striving to break away from industry standards, they adjusted their recording process, moving towards a more vintage method. This allowed them to finally record live off the floor with minimal overdubs, a process they’ve been hungry for since the start of the project.

“Dylsong”, the first release in the new era of DTA, is the band’s most fierce and authentic song they’ve written. Produced by Graham Shaw (Crown Lands) and mastered by Harry Hess (Glorious Sons), the song is the most real and raw demonstration of what DTA is. There is no hiding behind this process, which has led to the band bringing forth a freedom and energy never experienced before. Unchained and not looking back, the band is poised to unapologetically create their legacy without any concern of how others think it should be done.

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