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Duality II is We Are To Blame’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
We Are To Blame’s EP, “Duality II,” is a masterful exploration of hard rock that stands apart from the norm, delivering an epic journey enriched by the warm tones of Alice Hartvig’s voice.

Duality II is We Are To Blame’s Ep Out Now

In a genre often characterized by higher pitches and intense screams, We Are To Blame takes a refreshing detour, reminiscent of bands like Evanescence.

The emphasis here is on passion, melody, and intensity, crafting a unique musical vision that sets them apart from the crowd.

Alice Hartvig’s vocals become the emotional core of the EP, steering away from direct energy and rage commonly associated with female-fronted hard rock and metal bands.

Instead, her warm and emotive delivery adds a layer of refinement that elevates the entire sonic experience. The vocals lead the listener through a journey of passion, drawing attention to the nuances of melody and intensity.

The musicianship displayed by We Are To Blame is fantastic. Each element, from the rhythmic foundation to the guitar riffs, is meticulously crafted, contributing to a musical perfection that defines the EP.

Notable among the tracks, “Be Here” and “Something Is Coming For Us” showcase the band’s skills. These intense songs are characterized by heavy, solid guitar riffs that add a weighty and robust dimension to the overall sound.

The EP as a whole maintains a consistently cool vibe, with each track contributing to the cohesive narrative of the refined epic journey We Are To Blame has crafted.

We Are To Blame proves that hard rock can be both powerful and sophisticated, delivering an EP that resonates with both seasoned fans and newcomers alike.

Duality II is We Are To Blame’s Ep Out Now!

Intense and Powerful!

Duality II is We Are To Blame’s Ep Out Now

When Johan Karlsson posted an ad for a pop vocalist for a metal project, Alice Hartvig was both interested and skeptical.

Although she was an experienced vocalist, she had never been involved with metal music before. After a quick discussion and a demo recording, however, it was clear that she was the perfect fit for Johan’s vision and We Are To Blame was born.

Together with guitarist Urban Granbacke, they began to write the beginning of We Are To Blames story. Marrying the vocal lines and melodies from pop with the massive foundation of metal, they aim to bring a fresh perspective in a familiar voice.

With strong lyrical themes that lie close to their hearts, they want to bring music that moves the listener.

The band’s sound is influenced by power metal, melodic death metal as well as progressive metal. Utilizing both symphonic and electronic elements in combination with Alice’s vocals, with a strong focus on providing each song with its own identity.
The band released their highly acclaimed debut EP ‘Duality I’ in November 2022, and has now released their second EP ‘Duality II’ on November 7th, 2023.

Alice Hartvig – Vocals
Johan Karlsson – Guitars & vocals
Urban Granbacke – Guitars

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