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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Dusty Leigh

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Dusty Leigh, I discovered this Artist on Spotify, and instantly liked her country voice.

What great music Dusty Leigh brings us, I’ve always been a fan of Rock/Country done right.

That country about bars, trucks and love stories gone wrong, about the real life of us all.

Dusty’s beautiful voice accompanies us in this melodic journey and we live with her a little great American story.

The production of her songs is really well done and every musical element finds its rightful place.

Especially the sound of the guitars is fantastic and Dusty Leigh’s voice has the right reverb to create the right pathos… and then, while you’re already dreaming, the strings come in to caress your ears and create the perfect atmosphere.

Only one thing made me angry about Dusty Leigh…tonight I didn’t want to drink but while listening to her music I stood in front of the fireplace with a nice glass of whisky and enjoyed it.

An artist to listen to and listen to again because there are few voices that reach your soul and with her high and sincere vocal timbre reaches your heart and makes it pulsate to the rhythm of music.

Roots & Dreams VOL.2  is Dusty Leigh’s EP Out Now!

A fascinating music for a clearly talented artist!


Dusty Leigh’s sophomore release in the “Roots & Dreams” trilogy is one that delivers honest lyrics and heart wrenching vocals.

In the midst of a paralyzing global pandemic, Vol. 2 is a perfectly-timed release, laced with cozy home-studio vibes and intimate vocals, narratively rich and audaciously alluring.

Dusty Leigh unlocks bared-soul feelings and raw emotion in “Behind The Whiskey”, a elegiac ode to a doomed relationship nearly ruined.

“Alone Another Night” is a promise-filled marvel that begs you to take a step back and ask the hard questions that surround the burden of our regrets and the time we’ve wasted on them.

Vol 2 is a string of songs that feel like battle scars, but channels thick-skinned energies into a work of great texture and imagination during isolation.

An Idaho native, and named after her mother’s favorite band, ZZ Top, Dusty Leigh grew up with humble beginnings in a family where music was an endless flow of country greats, and Rock Gods of the ‘70’s & 80’s. Dusty Leigh began belting out tunes from the likes of Dolly, Don Williams, K.T. Oslin, Bob Seger, Reba, Tina Turner, and Pat Benatar, just to name a few.

Young, inexperienced and full of stage fright, Dusty Leigh performed at every local and state fair, karaoke contest, and radio station talent show to be found. Developing a solid foundation derived from gritty ballads, intoxicating melodies, and broken hearts– woven into cheeky anthems and lessons learned. No matter what Dusty Leigh sings, it comes from a strong will and a life peppered with struggle, tragedy, and drive.

With steam rolling dreams of one day standing on the Opry Stage, it was during her mid-teens that Dusty Leigh tragically lost her mother. Hell bent on continuing on that hard-fought path her mother paved, Dusty Leigh kept the faith and hammered down—anyone that knows Dusty Leigh knows she refuses to take life lying down.

Shortly after losing her mother, Dusty Leigh met her saving grace. Marrying young and jumping head first into Military life, it wasn’t long before she began sharing her gift in every new state and town the military would send them. From weddings, and sporting events, to more talent shows and a happenstance audition on The Voice, Dusty Leigh had accumulated a following of supporters that quickly became like family.

During their last military tour, Dusty Leigh’s husband put together a band, known as Whiskey Creek, comprised of all active-duty military members the band quickly fell together and pushed Dusty Leigh out of her comfort zone and straight onto the stages surround by thousands. What started out as just and idea, quickly turned into a full-time gigging act that would take them across state lines and into Rock-n-Roll life. Though the adventure was short lived, it wasn’t in vain. Leaving military life after 15 years and moving back to Idaho, it wasn’t long before Dusty Leigh’s itch set in. Through endless pleading, two of Dusty Leigh’s original band members packed up and moved out West to kick start what is now known as Dusty Leigh & The Claim Jumpers!

DL+CJ has become a quick sensation, garnering thousands of dedicated followers and passionate friends that stand behind and drive some of the band’s favorite originals like “AdriAnna”– a heart-string ballad written for Dusty Leigh’s daughter, and a pleading love song titled “Behind The Whiskey”.

Dusty Leigh is currently working steady on her upcoming debut EP and has recently signed with recording great and legendary producer, Emanant Music Group and Chas Childers. With new music in the pipeline, and a busy summer schedule, Dusty Leigh continues to grow into the woman, singer, and performer she has always known she’d be and has no plans of slowing down!

Find Dusty Leigh Here:



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