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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We like – Neel Cole & Southern St

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Neel Cole & Southern St. I discovered this fantastic band while shuffling songs on Youtube and I liked a lot the quality of their music.

When you listen to Neel Cole, you are immediately transported to Texas and you can imagine yourself riding in the wilderness of that beautiful state.

The guitars are sincere and the riffs captivating, the sounds used are real and intense. Even the voice interprets the folk melodies in the best possible way and you can convey a lot of emotion.

The more I listen the more I feel a sense of freedom, large spaces around me where I can think and immerse myself in nature.

Neel Cole calls his genre “Texas Grunge” and I have heard it, especially in the voice I found similarities with Alice In Chains.

A band absolutely recommended if you like me, like songs and sounds where the guitar is predominant.

Down in the mud is Neel Cole & Southern St’ Album out now!

We love the idea of this Texas Grunge!


Neel Cole & Southern St is a “Texas Grunge” band out of Austin, Tx. Meshing the worlds of Rock, Grunge, Blues and Country, they created a unique Texas Sound as one club owner put it. Comprised of: Neel Cole on Vocals/Guitar, Kenneth Simmons on Bass, and Pedro Duquense on Drums, they strive to bend the walls between genres while trying to make a difference in the world with their words.

Began as a simple solo venture David Neely (AKA Neel Cole), paired together with Kenneth in early 2018 in hopes of putting together a group to perform some of his musical works. After the addition of Pedro on drums, the project became more like a liquid than a solid, so they adapted the group name “Neel Cole & Southern St”.

Over the past year they have rounded out their sound, and polished up their approach to writing music adapting the idea that every song is not only a group effort, but a liquid creation as well. With wide open guitars, vivid vocal melodies, solid bass lines, and rhythmic percussion, they are surely able to take your soul away from all you worry about in this world…even if for just a moment.


Find Neel Cole Here:


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