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Easter is Yodashe’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Yodashe’s “Easter” is a portal to a future soundscape unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Easter is Yodashe’s Single Out Now

 Forget familiar melodies; this is an innovative, genre-bending experience that stimulates the very core of your being. Imagine a siren song sung by a futuristic mermaid, one that hypnotizes you like the mythical creatures of Odysseus’s journey.

The moment “Easter” begins, prepare to be swept away. Yodashe’s voice becomes your guide, leading you on a sonic exploration of a dystopian metropolis.

This isn’t a gleaming utopia; it’s a city controlled by a select few, a chilling reflection of our own anxieties.

The music itself mirrors this instability, a powerful current pulling you along, replicating the helplessness we felt during the pandemic’s early days.

The production is masterful. Every note, and every layer is taken care of in every minimum detail to create this immersive world.

Yodashe isn’t following trends; she’s a trailblazer, forging a path entirely her own.

Her music exists in a space between the metaphysical and the tangible, a beautiful, unsettling equilibrium.

Are you brave enough to take flight with your imagination and explore this uncharted territory? It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Easter is Yodashe’s Single Out Now!


Easter is Yodashe’s Single Out Now

Yodashe is a London-based independent artist, producer and composer with a background in architecture. She debuted her solo electronic project in NYC as alumna of Redbull Music Academy. She has since appeared in various electronic music festivals (Sonar, Todays Art, Reworks) and smaller club-nights (opening for acts such as John Talabot) while developing her experimental live set.

Her artfully mind-bending project, brings together multiple influences (from classical & choral to indie-rock & avant-garde electronics) while embracing sound design within a context of pop interrogation and deconstruction. She has previously self-released on Soundcloud and via NX Records and received airplay on East Village Radio (NYC) and Red Bull Radio.

Her debut audiovisual single Take Time premiered on Glamglare, Beater.gr and Bandcamp’s New and Notable as well as multiple Spotify playlists while also receiving extensive airplay on Greek radio. Glamglare included it in its Top 15 tracks 2020 and director Jonathan Haver selected it as the closing credits song for his latest short film Der Brennende Streifen (The Burning Trace) which Yodashe also composed the score for.


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