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Edgar Allan Poe Tattoo Artworks Ideas

Are you looking for some Edgar Allan Poe Tattoo Artworks Ideas?

you came to the right place. Edgar Allan Poets are pleased to present you with the best tattoos inspired by the master of terror. The works of Poe and Hitchcock deeply inspire the music of Edgar Allan Poets the Noir Rock Band.

“Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.” – E.A.Poe

Poe’s works are so famous that many people have the desire to get an indelible mark of this literary genius on their skin. This mysterious, gothic character, in addition to having a twilight vision of the world, also had a “sunny” side.

Tragic events have marked his life such as the loss of his mother, Elisa Poe, when he was only 3 years old.

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His soul will be stabbed by another serious tragedy, the death of his young wife Virginia, who left this world at the age of 25. The magnificent poem Annabel lee is the result of this inconsolable pain.

This man was able to dig into his feelings and find something good even from the most horrible tragedies. He has become one of the greatest poets of all time because of his ability to put his emotions into words. For this reason, many people idolize him to the point of having tattoos dedicated to him.

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His features, mustache, and hair are already distinctive signs that make it easy to recognize this legendary character. In fact, many people decide to just tattoo his face. His legendary works instead inspire others. “The Raven” with the famous word “Nevermore”, “The Black Cat” and many others.

Hereunder are some of Edgar Allan Poe’s Tattoo artworks around the web. We hope they can inspire you and give you an idea for your next tattoo.

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