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Edgar Allan Poets & The Midnight Mission Together For The Homeless

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“not only U2 can save the world…we too”

We are and indie band, we don’t have the power of U2 but we want to try to help the Midnight Mission and the homeless of the Skid Row in Los Angeles.

To do so we will record an E.P and a MUSIC VIDEO of our new song “Watch” to show the world the conditions of the homeless in the Skid Row and we will donate the 30% of the income to the Midnight Mission.

If you support more we can help them more.

We just need the money to pay for the expenses of the studio to record the songs and we need some money to pay for talent, crew, cameras etc for the video.

“music is always a home for the homeless”

Skid Row:

Earlier this year, we were invited to play at The Midnight Mission located in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. We have been inspired by the amazing services that this organization is providing to people in need 24/7 and at no charge!

The Midnight Mission offers a path to self-sufficiency to men, women and children who have lost direction. Our emergency services, 12-step recovery program, job training, education and work programs offer a compassionate bridge to productive lives. They remove obstacles to self-sufficiency and provide the accountability and structure that people who are experiencing homelessness need to rejoin their communities. www.midngightmission.org

After that concert, we decided to create something to help the efforts of The Midnight Mission. And, it was for that reason, we started this project.

Our Mission:

Edgar Allan Poets, in cooperation with The Midnight Mission, would like to give visibility to this marginalized reality by shooting a music video in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles for their next E.P “Watch”. A portion of the proceeds of the E.P’s sales will be donated to The Midnight Mission to support their life saving and life changing services.

With this video, Edgar Allan Poets and The Midnight Mission would like to bring the issue of homelessness to people’s attention. We all know that this kind of realty exists, but we usually try to avoid thinking about it because we feel helpless. But, YOU can make a difference!

Everyone deserves attention, love and basic necessities of life. The Midnight Mission has been providing this to the homeless and near-homeless community for 100 years and needs your help to continue their good work. The Midnight Mission prides itself on giving people a hand-UP rather than a hand-out.

The video idea:

Skid Row is an area of downtown Los Angeles that contains one of the largest population of homeless in the United States (3000-6000).

This parallel life is just a few miles away from Beverly Hills, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the world. In only twenty minutes by car, you will be catapulted into another world; from mansions, to the trash bins in, what seems like, a blink of an eye.

We will follow a group of wealthy and entitled girls from Beverly Hills that seems to be enjoying LA life from their luxury car. Suddenly, they become distracted by the music (of Edgar Allan Poets). They suddenly find themselves in Skid Row, where they are forced to “Watch” this unknown reality up close and personal. They will see for the first time how people are living, only minutes from away from their “beautiful” existence and will start to learn that these “unlucky” people are able to give.

The Director:

We are proud to announce that if this project will be founded we will be working with the Director Daniel Lir and his directing partner Bayou Bennett to film “Watch” video. These incredible team have enjoyed working with many diverse artists such as Coldplay, Sum 41, Isaac Hayes, Tricky and many independent new artists as well.

Daniel Lir: “As filmmakers we are all about meaningful stories…we look forward to creating this high impact and exciting video with Edgar Allan Poets and the Midnight Mission”.

All together as a Noir Family we can do this:

To accomplish this goal, we need your help. The funds we raise will go to cover the production expenses for the filming of the video “Watch” and the recording of the music. Since this video is pretty ambitious, we need to cooperate with a lot of people to create something valuable. For that reason, your help is essential to make this happen.

How Noir are you?

So ask yourself, how Noir am I? This is the time for your “Noir” aura to shine. With a little effort, you will be a crucial part of achieving our mission, and as a family, we will enjoy the amazing results of this project together.

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