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Immense Huge Parade For Mummified Pharaohs
The “Parade” Of The Pharaohs: Another Home For The Mummies

Twenty-two Egyptian pharaohs paraded through the streets of Cairo in a parade never seen in the history of the country.

April 12, 2021
Just Enough Room, The Smallest Inhabited Island In The World!

Just Enough Room Island, located in the so-called “Thousand Islands archipelago” on the border between the United States and Canada,

April 11, 2021
Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Gas Station
Eat and Sleep at the Original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Gas Station

The famous frightening gas station shown within the iconic “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” film had for a long time been left,

April 8, 2021
Edgar Allan Poe-Themed Bookstore Exists And It’s Perfect For Goth Fans

All book lovers have a recurring dream of strolling into a near-infinite library of their design. The collection of books

April 4, 2021
Artist Creates Horror Stories That Will Terrify You Without Saying A Single Word
Artist Creates Horror Stories That Will Terrify You Without Saying A Single Word!

We found this talented artist DarkBox who had the genius idea to create stories made only by images that can

April 2, 2021
Edgar Allan Poets New Single White Noise Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family, we are thrilled to share with you guys our new single White Noise. White Noise is

March 25, 2021
White Noise Cover- Edgar Allan Poets
Edgar Allan Poets’ New Single White Noise Out March 25th

Good Day Noir Family, We are pleased to announce that Edgar Allan Poets will be releasing their new single “White

February 28, 2021
10 best rock songs Edgar Allan Poets
10 Best Rock Songs

Good Day Noir Family, the question we asked today was: if you had only ten spots what rock bands and

February 16, 2021
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