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Elements of is Pranatricks’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Pranatricks, the ever-evolving musical mastermind, delivers yet another masterpiece with his new album, “Elements of.”

Elements of is Pranatricks’ Album Out Now

This collection shows his ability to create unique sonic universes, transporting listeners on an introspective adventure.

I feel to compare Pranatricks to Virgil, the guide in Dante’s Divine Comedy, leading us through a captivating musical landscape. Psychedelic vibes and a bright mix establish a magical aura from the very first note.

Unlike a high-octane rock concert, “Elements of” invites a slower pace. It’s a journey to be savoured, like sipping aged whiskey – each note a revelation. The hypnotic cadence throughout ensures a truly mesmerizing experience.

“Cobras” is one of my favourite tracks. Closing your eyes during this song unleashes a kaleidoscope of futuristic sounds, stimulating the listener’s imagination and creating oneiric visions.

This sentiment extends to the entire album – each track is a gem waiting to be discovered.

“Elements of” is an intriguing and introspective experience, solidifying Pranatricks’ reputation as a visionary artist with the ability to craft mesmerizing sonic landscapes.

Elements of is Pranatricks’ Album Out Now!


Elements of is Pranatricks’ Album Out Now

The songs are part fiction and folklore and serve as preparation for the unrelenting release necessary to let go into what may become. They explore lustful desire while offering comfort in companionship, they uncover elements of truth that may be buried and they are written to help awaken something inside the listener that will cause pause and consideration, all while steering them toward deeper existential philosophical questions. While we cherished the lighter parts of our future’s uncertainty there are
always more hidden elements of our Self that need to be confronted and reconciled with. With the inner direction established one can properly influence what ultimately becomes their own prescriptive reality.

Pranatricks is an artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and indie singer songwriter currently based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. His debut album ‘Cherished’ released in January of 2023 garnered several accolades including charting on the Earshot National Top 50 and #1 at CJSF 90.1fm the week of May 2nd.

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