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Empty Home is Crux’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Crux has once again woven their sonic magic with their latest single, “Empty Home.”

Empty Home is Crux’s Single Out Now

This poignant track encapsulates a blend of nostalgia and intensity that resonates deeply, invoking a vivid musical experience that mirrors the collective emotions experienced during the isolating times of the pandemic.

The song opens with a hauntingly beautiful arpeggio and a melody supported by a choir of “ohs,” that instantly sets a nostalgic tone that transports listeners to a realm of memories and contemplation.

The song slowly grows complemented by the poignant answer of the electric guitar, which enhances the emotional depth.

What truly stands out in “Empty Home” is Crux’s ability to craft a soundscape that encapsulates the sense of paranoia and solitude that many felt during the isolation brought on by Covid.

The pacing and arrangement of instruments mirror the ebb and flow of emotions, evoking a vivid musical representation of the mental state that characterized those uncertain times.

The alternating rhythm of the choirs and the electric guitar’s responses creates a conversation, a dialogue of emotions that captures the essence of introspection and anxiety.

The melody of the song is a testament to Crux’s originality and artistic depth. it’s a journey that delves into the listeners’ souls, resonating with their own experiences.

“Empty Home” is an exploration of emotions, an intricate tapestry of sound that embodies the band’s signature style.

Crux has a knack for weaving complex musical arrangements that manage to touch the core of human experiences.

Empty Home is Crux’s Single Out Now!


Empty Home is Crux’s Single Out Now

Empty Home was written during lockdown and the lyrics discuss the isolation so many of us felt during that period and how we effectively lost two years, and that that time will never come back. Entropy is a key theme to this song, time never stops for anyone and unfortunately nothing lasts. A house is used as an example, and how over time ‘the pipes are beginning to burst’, the water pools and there’s mould growing on the walls’, ‘time has stopped as the structure slowly sinks’.

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