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Endorphins is Joshua Pearlstein’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Joshua Pearlstein injects a dose of pop perfection into the world with his latest single, “Endorphins.”

Endorphins is Joshua Pearlstein’s Single Out Now

The track is a masterclass in arrangement, and shows Pearlstein’s keen ear for crafting a catchy and relatable song.

The meticulously chosen sounds paint a vibrant picture. Every element, from the synths to the driving percussion, feels perfectly placed, creating a professional product.

The lyrics tap into a universal experience: the sting of rejection…but only a few can transform those powerful feeling into something cool like this tune.

The melody, at times reminiscent of Shakira’s sun-drenched pop anthems.

Pearlstein’s vocal performance is solid. His voice possesses a solid quality, similar to Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, that exudes confidence and vulnerability.

“Endorphins” is a song with undeniable mainstream appeal. The production is top-notch, leaving no room for imperfections.

It’s a pop masterpiece with all the ingredients for success: a catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and a dynamic vocal performance.

Endorphins is Joshua Pearlstein’s Single Out Now!


Endorphins is Joshua Pearlstein’s Single Out Now

I made this song in 36 hours from start to finish after a girl rejected me, and everything just clicked. I wrote this song because of a feeling I have that the Divine forces that be are keeping love away from me because it would distract me from making music. 

Joshua Pearlstein, the artist who merges classic pop and disco drama. He is a rising creative from Atlanta, GA, currently living in Boston, MA, writing songs that are as innovative as they are catchy.
A prolific musician with a flair for the songwriting process, Joshua discovered his perfect pitch early in life and quickly started music lessons. Falling in love with the greats like Michael Jackson and Prince, he knew exactly where his songs needed to land creatively, relying on his instinct for melody and rhythm to guide the process.

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