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Entropy is They Travel at Night’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
“They Travel at Night” has truly carved a niche for themselves with their latest EP, “Entropy.”

Entropy is They Travel at Night’s Ep Out Now

What sets this musical duo apart is their ability to blend innovative and futuristic elements with a nostalgic touch from the past. Surely they keep the listeners hooked from start to finish.

One of the standout features of “Entropy” is the rhythmic design displayed throughout the EP. The groovy sessions are infectious, with some industrial vibes in my opinion.

The melodies, on the other hand, are ethereal and hypnotizing, adding an extra layer of depth to the overall sonic experience.

The term ‘crepuscular’ perfectly encapsulates the essence of They Travel at Night’s sound. It’s a musical landscape that thrives in the twilight, balancing light and dark elements seamlessly.

This dichotomy is most evident in the track “Into It,” where Carpenter-esque vibes fuse with an air of mystery and a touch of sinister undertones, casting a charming halo over the entire composition.

The EP as a whole shows the duo’s musical talent, with each track presenting a solid contribution to the overall narrative.

What’s most impressive is They Travel at Night’s ability to maintain a cohesive yet diverse sound palette across the entire collection. Each song is a unique exploration, yet they all come together to form a harmonious and well-crafted body of work.

“Entropy” is an invitation into a world where the boundaries of time and genre are blurred, and creativity knows no limits.

Entropy is They Travel at Night’s Ep Out Now!


They Travel at Night is what happens when a band consists of 2 people with a wide range of tastes who don’t want to be limited by any specific genre. When you feel just as influenced by The Beatles as Mr Bungle, what do your vocals sound like? When you listen to The White Stripes as often as Black Star, what guitar tone do you strive for? At that point, do influences even matter? You just try to make a song that you like, and no matter how it starts, it ends up going through the filter that turns it into you.

They Travel at Night want to be in the business of creating moments in music. That noise you weren’t expecting, that dynamic buildup, that blissful transition, that moment of discomfort before things even out again. Just like life, you might skip over these moments multiple times without paying attention. But once you do notice them, they slow everything down for a second and brings details into focus. Simply put, They Travel at Night just wants to make music that makes whatever you’re doing feel cooler.

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