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ENVY is Carley Varley’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
an intimate and intense song that investigates the envy and inability of people to support each other.

ENVY is Carley Varley’s Single Out Now

We do not realize that by creating negative energies with our thoughts these energies then turn against us.

If we appreciate the good work done by other people then we too will get our chance.

A very interesting theme that I too, as a musician, have experienced on my skin. That feeling that while you’re on stage there’s someone who envies you and can’t wait for you to make a mistake.

The arrangement and the vocal interpretation beautifully manage to describe these contrasting feelings.

The emotions of the envious and the envied collide in this tune.

Carley Varley continues to compose beautiful songs and her twilight musical vision is taking shape more and more.

ENVY is Carley Varley’s Single Out Now!


ENVY is Carley Varley’s Single Out Now

Carley Varley is a pop/rock artist based in Winchester UK. Her latest single Envy tells a story of a musician who was performing and another artist in the audience was jealous of the opportunity they wish they had but they hadn’t seen the hard work put in, the journey.

Envy tells a story of jealousy and expresses the confusion musically and lyrically as to why artists can’t encourage one another. Carley writes about relationships usually, this is her first single writing about an experience out of her usual comfort zone of writing.

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