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Exit is Strange Souvenirs’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Strange Souvenirs’ single “Exit” is an intense and touching musical gem that leaves a lasting impression.

Exit is Strange Souvenirs’ Single Out Now

The melody of the piano in this song has the power to give you goosebumps, creating a deeply emotional and evocative listening experience.

At certain moments, “Exit” can be as emotionally moving as Gary Jules’ “Mad World.” The melody is sweet and nostalgic, like a gentle caress on your soul. It’s a melody that has the ability to stir deep emotions and make them resonate under your skin.

The song is a masterpiece, and what adds to its impact is the inclusion of choirs towards the end. These choirs seem like the hidden voices that sometimes exist within our own heads, voices that we must confront and ultimately make fade away.

The outro of the song captures this beautifully, giving it an added layer of depth and complexity.

In conclusion, “Exit” by Strange Souvenirs is a remarkable and emotionally charged song that captivates the listener from start to finish.

This is a song that lingers in your mind and heart long after the music stops.

Exit is Strange Souvenirs’ Single Out Now!



“Exit”, was written during a period of great emotional turmoil and uncertainty.

Ultimately, it’s about salvaging something beautiful from the rubble and the ruins of a relationship. And I like to think we succeeded in that regard.

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