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Fade Days is SWiiMS’s Video Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
SWiiMS, masters of crafting magical atmospheres, dive back into the pool of sonic wonder with their single and video, “Fade Days.”

Fade Days is SWiiMS’s Video Out Now

 Skateboarding under the night sky – explodes into a captivating spectacle.

The video is a kaleidoscope of symbols, videos, and swirling letters superimposed over the slow-motion footage of the band shredding asphalt.

This isn’t just skateboarding; it’s a ballet of shadows, a silent symphony under the neon’s luminescence. The slow-motion adds a dreamlike quality, pulling us into a parallel dimension where time flows differently and human movements become enigmatic brushstrokes on a cosmic canvas.

It’s as if someone from the future, an alien observer, is piecing together the puzzle of what it means to be human through these fleeting glimpses of our nocturnal revelry. Each trick, each effortless glide, becomes a hieroglyph in this alien ethnography.

The song itself perfectly complements the video’s otherworldly vibe, with echoing vocals floating like constellations among shimmering synth landscapes.

This is a complete artistic experience, a fusion of music and visuals that transcends conventional categorization.

Fade Days is SWiiMS’s Video Out Now!


Fade Days is SWiiMS’s Video Out Now

From the band: This video was conceived in a pretty short time span. Cian shared a compilation video of night time Toronto street car shots as an initial idea. A couple of days later, Mai’s partner shot some scenes of us at a park close by and then edited and overlayed them over Cian’s videos. The result is an amalgamation of really interesting night time images and it’s the first music video that features all of us as a band.


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