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Fall Behind is Telling Secrets’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Telling Secrets’ single “Fall Behind” is an epic and invigorating anthem that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Fall Behind is Telling Secrets’ Single Out Now

At moments, the song exudes vibes reminiscent of the dynamic sound often associated with Thirty Seconds to Mars, and it carries a sense of grandeur that sweeps the listener into its embrace.

The standout feature of this composition is the incredible drumwork, with a snare that commands attention with its sheer power and resonance. The rhythm it imparts serves as a strong backbone for the song, giving it a formidable and driving force.

The vocal performance is undeniably convincing, delivering the emotions of the song with sincerity and intensity. The distorted guitars in “Fall Behind” hit you like an avalanche, adding a layer of raw energy that propels the song forward.

This sonic force combined with the energetic and nostalgic melody line creates a musical journey that is engaging and moving.

Vik Kovacs and his band have consistently demonstrated their ability to create music that stirs intense emotions in the audience.

The lyrics in this composition are heartfelt and deep, further enriching the listening experience. “Fall Behind” is yet another remarkable piece from this band, solidifying their place in the realm of powerful and emotive music.

Fall Behind is Telling Secrets’ Single Out Now!

Emotional Depth!

Fall Behind is Telling Secrets’ Single Out Now

The band was realised back in the pandemic of 2021 by sole architect Vik Kovacs. Their sound is driven by thunderous guitars, angelic vocals, and sinister, atmospheric synths – ‘Fall Behind’ is no different and further enriches their emo-tinged modern rock sound.

This track was actually written before Telling Secrets was even a concept. It has gone through various demo stages and re-recordings before finally being in its final form as we hear it today, with Kovacs calling it one of his best lyrical works to date.

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